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This webset contains the background shown on this page, plus a copy of the background without the title in place, and the CSS (Stylesheet) file to make the page look the way it does. Please do not edit the CSS file.

This webset looks best on an 800x600 screen. It will have some space at the bottom on larger screen sizes.

To edit the html files, open in Notepad (by right clicking and choosing "Open with Notepad"). Just insert your text in the noted areas and resave with a new filename (eg: yourfile.html)
You can add, delete or change the links on the top of the page by doing the same as above.
Please leave the small link to Magickalmoon at the bottom of the page. You are free to add your own ©Copyright information as well.

Page colours used
Background colour: #BEC3DA + image
Text colour: #666699
Link colour: #A2A5C7
Visited Link colour: #A2A5C7
Active Link colour: #A2A5C7
Hover colour: #666699

Click here to download the complete set, then open with Winzip (or another unzipping utility) and upload to your web directory. The zip file contains the file "explainations.txt" which tells you what does what within the html code. Please read the ©Copyright notice before download and use.

Original Webset by Magickalmoon