Number 9

Basic Meaning - Selfless, Unpredjudiced, Inspired
Lifepath - Tolerance, Forgiveness, Generosity
Birthday - Tolerant, Idealistic, Understanding
Personal Year - Love/Family, Responsibility, Commitment

Inner Self - Gracious, Forgiving, Humanitarian
Outer Self - Humanitarian, Understanding, Competent
Destiny - Teaching, Forgiveness, Understanding

A NINE person has a pattern of holding on. These people should not hoard things or try to hold on to material things or to relationships. When the time is right to let go, NINES have to learn to trust that this is the process for them and they need to allow the possessions or the person to just leave their life. You must learn to trust that the Universe will provide what ever it is that you need. This tendency to hold on prevents your growth on all levels and means that you create unnecessary blocks to peace and inner contentment. Just let go and you will find that life flows easily. If you fight and try to hold on, then there will be obstacles and difficulties put in your way.