Number 6

Basic Meaning - Honesty, Devotion, Compassion
Lifepath - Responsibility, Appreciation, Compassion
Birthday - Family, Helpful, Emotional
Personal Year - Enjoyment, Expression, Creativity

Inner Self - Understanding, Helpful, Affectionate
Outer Self - Appreciative, Nurturing, Responsible
Destiny - Home, Family, Generosity, Love, Sharing

A SIX needs love and will often have a pattern of going to desperate lengths to get it. The lesson here is for you to learn to love yourself. You find rejection very difficult to cope with and when this happens you often demean yourself attempting to win and manipulate to get that love back. Learn to love yourself and improve your self esteem and you will find that love just happens and that you are not being rejected anymore. Accept yourself and love yourself and you will not have such a desperate need to find love outside yourself.