Number 5

Basic Meaning - Freedom, Change, Resourcefulness
Lifepath - Versatility, Resourceful, Adventurous
Birthday - Versatil, Talented, Restless
Personal Year - Co-operation, Receiving, Diplomacy

Inner Self - Versatile, Changeable, Sensual
Outer Self - Active, Sensual, Versatile, Adventurous
Destiny - Progress, Communication, Freedom

A FIVE person can have a pattern of over-indulgence in alcohol, drugs, dope or sexual affairs. This is not your true path. You need to release this pattern quickly, and move into the sensuality and healing that is the true path of the FIVE. Sexual interaction needs to be deep and perhaps, in the Tantric level for you. Superficial sexual encounters are quite destructive to you and while you feel fulfilled on the physical leave, there is a great emptiness on a deeper level. You also have a great gift of healing with your hands and once you leave behind the old patterns of the negative FIVE, you will find this gift develops further. Try massage, reiki or using your hands for artistic pursuits such as painting or pottery.