Number 2

Basic Meaning - Tactfulness, Co-operation, Sensitivity
Lifepath - Co-operation, Sensitivity, Diplomacy
Birthday - Quiet, Co-operative, Diplomatic
Personal Year - Fruit ripens, Power, Kharma, Prosperity

Inner Self - Sensitive, Co-operative, Gentle
Outer Self - Co-operative, Receptive, Diplomatic
Destiny - Peacemaker, Co-Ordinator, Beauty

A TWO person will carry a pattern from childhood of being over-powered by a strong parent or teacher. This leads to being too passive and not standing up for yourself. Often you give too much and are afraid to say no. People tune into this and sometimes take advantage of you. Learn to see your own needs as important and do not allow yourself to become a victim or doormat. Learn to be more assertive, and you will be much more content. Unwillingness to look at this pattern, could bring lots of nervous tension into your life and you do not cope well with disharmony. This often leads to illness so it is very important for you to address this.