Number 1

Basic Meaning - Leadership, Self reliance, Creativity
Lifepath - Independance, Achievement, Self reliance
Birthday - Independant, Progressive, Leadership
Personal Year - Rest, Privacy, Reflection, Study, Peace

Inner Self - Independant, Assertive, Original
Outer Self - Assertive, Independant, Self reliant
Destiny - Leadership, Self reliance, Individuality

A ONE person often has a pattern of controlling others and being bossy and dominant. You have to learn that you can have your needs met in other ways and you do not have to control or dominate others to have this happen. Rather than using force, and consequently pushing others away, allow yourself to achieve the higher form of the ONE which is "one-ness" with the Universe. Surrender your will to the Universal will and you will find that all your needs are met without your having to dominate or control.