The Rowan Tree
January 21st - February 17th
The Fire Festival Of Brigantia

Celtic Symbol : The Green Dragon
Zodiac Degrees : 000` - 2759` Aquarius
Ruling Planet : Uranus - Brigantia
Ancient Gods Associated With Uranus :
Greek : Chaos, Aether And Hemera, Uranus
Celtic : Brigantia, Brigid
Character Reference Of The Rowan Tree Sign

Rowan tree people have visionary minds and well defined humanitarian principles. They remain, however, self contained individuals and their vision is not always shared by the rest of humanity. Their cool te,perament disguises some passionate beliefs, for they need to argue their case against bigotry and ignorance. The new moon people born during the first two weeks tend to become impatient and frustrated in this struggle toward a greater awareness. Although they may be quite reticent on a personal level, they will, nevertheless, help pioneer great social changes with reforming zeal. Full moon people born in the last two weeks are less reticent all around, but are inclined to promise more than they can deliver. This will not negate their powerful influence and inspiration, and their reponse to all situations is primarily directed to asserting the rights of the individual.
Sometimes referred to as "the whispering tree," the rowan's tree's magic was well known among the Celts.  Its berry is shaped like a five-pointed star, first of all, the symbol of magical protection against spells, enchantments, and glamours.  You, too, are a magical creature, able to use your intuition and higher understanding to both enchant and protect.  Trust your insights, and act upon them - even if others see you as 'unusual' or 'unpredictable'.  Your ability to envision the future is priceless