The Holly Tree
July 8th - August 4th
The Fire Festival Of Lammas

Celtic Symbol : The Unicorn And The Flaming Spear
Zodiac Degrees : 1500` Cancer - 1159` Leo
Ruling Planet : Earth - Abred
Ancient Gods Associated With Earth :
Greek : Gaia, Ceres, Persephone
Celtic : Danu
Character Reference Of The Holly Tree Sign

People born under this sign, unlike the oak characters, are less inclined to take risks of any kind until they have carefully checked the odds for and against. They have a strong blend of personal qualities that denote great integrity of character. This relates to a highly practical down to earth quality of character, with the ability to solve difficult problems through simple logic. People born during the first two weeks of the sign are associated with the new moon and are more inclined to become involved in other peoples dreams and ambitions by providing both financial and emotional support. While this reveals an unselfish and sympathetic nature, the negative aspect is a blind optimism which can be personally damaging. Full moon people, born in the last two weeks, are more committed to their own dreams and ambitions. They will become the founding members of societies or great business corporations, though holly tree people generally have a great sense of history and tradition. The negative aspects of the full moon character is their hypersensitivity to personal criticism which may force them to retreat periodically from the world.
Hollywood was used by the ancients in the construction of spear shafts, and as the spiny leaves show, it's well prepared for battle.  A symbol of firmness and masculine energy, the holly endows those born under its sign with an equally well-prepared nature.  You have a strong connection to the Earth, amazing physical strength, and the ability to direct your energy in a balanced, even flow.  This stability gives you a generosity of spirit and a very matter-of-fact solidness that others will respect, admire, and rely on.  Before you engage in any battle, look inside for understanding and respect for your opponents.