March 18 - April 14
The Alder Tree
The Vernal Equinox (Alban Eilir)

Celtic Symbol: Pentacle Or The Hawk
Zodiac Degrees : 26°00` Pisces - 23°59` Aries
Ruling Planet : Mars - Maurth
Ancient Gods Associated With Mars : Greek : Ares
Celtic : Bran, Arthur, Airem, Tuetates
Character Reference Of The Alder Tree Sign-

Alder tree characters are powerful individuals who are prepared to make their own way in the world. The path ahead is still full of pitfalls however, and the virtue of courage is attributed to this sign. Alder tree people make staunch allies, but prefer to fight their own battles and set the pace for others to follow. Their destination is always uncertain and a restless spirit prevails. New moon people, born during the first two weeks of this sign are perhaps the most restless and indecisive alder tree characters. While their personal courage and sincerity may never be in doubt, they would do well to slow down every so often and reconsider the consequences of their actions. Full moon people who are born during the last two weeks are the most persuasive alder tree characters. They exude a more confident approach to life generally, but can lack the apparent vibrant energy associated with the new moon people. They can, however, become extremely successful people by being strategically placed in the right position tio take full advantage of crisis situations.
The alder is amazingly resistant to water.  As a result, it was often used in constructions under water, from bridges to foundations to stilts for homes located close to rivers.  This resistance makes the alder a powerful force in psychic battles.  If you were born under this sign, you have tremendous courage in the face of obstacles and the power to win in disputes.  Watch for a tendency to create wars where there are none, and be careful not to dissipate your strength through engaging in meaningless debate