Why a Witch?

So you have seen "The Craft", watched "Charmed" and now you would like to become a Witch. You would love to cast some spells just like Sabrina does? You would love to be able to clean your house with the twitch of your nose just like Samantha. Well if you think it is like that, then please read on, you have been sadly misinformed.

We all know that Sabrina is fantasy, wouldn't it be nice to just conjure up anything you like? Imagine the pile of money you would have beside you if that were possible. You could turn your ex-boyfriend into a toad, anything you dream of actually. If only...........

* begin dream sequence *

*imagining myself running along the beach, supermodel perfect body, with gorgeous men all around, and all the things that money can/can't buy! * Beautiful sunset, etc, etc *

* end dream sequence *

OK, so you have now figured out that it's not really like you see on TV, so why do you still want to be a Witch? Maybe it's in your heritage, your genes. Your Grandmother/Mother was a Witch and it is a path that you have been drawn to all your life. Maybe you are just curious, well it has to start somewhere doesn't it. Maybe your friends are doing it and you want to be like them? (note: not a good reason to do anything)
Might I just take this time to point out that there are no Demons involved, we don't have to go out demon fighting every day like they do in Charmed! We also don't bring people back from the dead and make them grow magnificent rose gardens like they did in Practical Magic!

So I guess it is up to you. Are you doing this for the right reasons? You don't have to be a sheep and follow the pack. You are free to do as you please. Whatever feels right to you is always the answer. Believe in your "self" and it will guide the way for you.

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