Sometimes I rant and rave.
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What exactly is a "Fluffy Bunny"?

According to some people in the Pagan Community a fluffy bunny is a person who calls themself Wiccan, someone who is just starting out and thinks they know what it is all about. You can't call yourself Wiccan/Witch/Whatever if you don't have the years of experience that they have, etc etc etc.. "A fluff bunny is not a real Wiccan/Witch/Pagan/etc".. Basically, if you are new to this and just starting out, you are automatically branded "fluffy"

It's a shame really, because Pagans are the ones who broadcast how forgiving and spiritual they are, they harm none and accept all faiths, when they are also cutting the new ones down before they even get a foot out the door. It's hypocrisy at it's worst.

I get many emails from people, young and old, who are in the process of finding themselves, asking for advice, finding the way. I never think of them as fluffy, just that they are where we all were some years ago. Everyone has to start somewhere. We are not all born with the ultimate knowledge that some of these "high and mighty's" think they have. It's all a learning process, you will never know it all....

I am a member of one particular Pagan mailing list (no names mentioned) and time and time again there are emails, in-jokes and the usual backstabbing remarks made about "bunnies". There are the high and mighty "been on this list for years" and there are the newbies "just joined and wanted to say hi" and I'm sure there are many who are not game to speak because they will be shot down in flames for being "fluffy". Could it be just one huge net clique?

We can embellish our webpages with "Pagan" buttons and graphics to pronounce to the world just what we believe in, but by doing this we are branded "fluffy". I can't imagine a Christian who has a crucifix on their webpage being called anything other than a Christian, but we can rubbish someone who has a Pentacle on their webpage? Did I mention hypocrisy before?

Another page (which sadly no longer exists) says it as well (probably better than I have here!) and I am sure there are many more who are sick of hearing it. I have found pages, sites and little anti-bunnie poems about the place, there are even graphics that you can put on your webpages, assuming of course that you don't have any pentacles there first!! Don't people have anything better to do with their time?

Footnote: I am not Wiccan, I just used this as an example, but it seems that anyone who believes in the Old Ways and hasn't been initiated into a Coven of some sort, just doesn't cut the grade. It's funny that some of these same people who rubbish others, have Self Dedication Rituals published on their webpages!!!!!

*End Rant Mode*

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