Peaceful Pagan

I'm a peaceful person, all I do is worship the earth. I'm the same as the person next to me, I don't look any different, I have a job, pay taxes and keep a roof over my head.

So why do you still think I will do you harm?

Just because you and I have different beliefs does not make me a bad person. If we go through life believing all the bad things we hear, crushing people with different beliefs than ours, then society will have a lot to answer for.

I am not evil.
I do not worship Satan.
My beliefs are nothing like any movie or TV series.
I can not conjure up demons at the turn of a page, nor would I want to.
I can not, and wouldn't if I could, turn you into a frog, nor make you fall in love with me with a spell.
I will never alter your thoughts with potions or spells.
I can only change your eye or hair colour with the help of contact lenses and dye.
I will never try to convince you that my Goddess/s is better than yours.
And, I will always respect you for your beliefs, so please respect me for mine.

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