Crystals - Meanings and Uses

♦  AGATE-- Calming, comforting, useful for relieving pain.
♦  AMBER-- Electrifying. Relieves fear and problems, depression, tiredness, Asthma and infections. Soothing.
♦  AMETHYST-- Protects against excesses in all forms. Powerful blood cleanser. Excellent for meditation. Calming.
♦  AQUAMARINE-- Keeps one young and happy living. Calms nerves, helps banish fear and phobia. Excellent for meditation. Good luck for travellers.
♦  BLOODSTONE-- Used to balance and calm the uneasy mind. Develops courage and caution. Augments mental and physical vitality. Powerful physical healer.
♦  CALCIUM-- Alleviates fear and reduces stress. Valued as a thought amplifier, increases capacity for astral projection. Aids kidneys, pancreas and spleen.
♦  CARNELIAN-- Energises blood. Aids kidneys, lungs, gallbladder and pancreas. Increases faith and repels fear. Alleviates bad temper and brings contentment.
♦  CITRINE-- Relieves tiredness, brings happiness and strengthens nerves. Good for heart, kidneys and liver. Enhances body healing energy and tissue regeneration.
♦  COPPER-- Influences blood flow, aids metabolism. Balances emotions. Alleviates poor memory and the ability to retain thoughts. Eases Arthritic pain.
♦  DIAMOND-- A master healer..Enhances brain function. Draws toxicity from the body. Useful for anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem. Thought amplifier.
♦  EMERALD-- Calms the troubled mind and increases psychic clairvoyance. Makes one more mentally alert.
♦  FLUORITE-- Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth. Eases bone tissue and dental disease. Alleviates anxiety and sexual frustration.
♦  GARNET-- Enhances will power and perseverance. Comforts depression strengthens heart. Eases bad dreams.
♦  GOLD-- Balances brain hemispheres. Aids tissue regeneration. Eases depression and suicidal tendencies. Amplifies thought and aids thought retention.
♦  JASPER-- Helps morning sickness, relieves stomach and liver and kidney diseases. Calms uneasy minds and induces caution.
♦  MOONSTONE-- Brings success and contentment. Protects against accidents. Benefits pregnancy, menstrual problems and stimulates lactation.
♦  OBSIDIAN-- Balances stomach, intestines and muscle tissue. Alleviates inflammation and reduces stress. Protects soft hearted and gentle people.
♦  OPAL-- Emotional balancer used for radiating sex appeal. Amplifies thought, eases sexual depression. The Friendship Stone. 
♦  PERIDOT-- Strengthens heart and eyes. Aids tissue regeneration, reduces stress and helps personal disorders.
♦  QUARTZ, CLEAR-- Conquers fear, protects against loss of balance and motion sickness. Balances emotions and stimulates the brain. Excellent for meditation.
♦  QUARTZ, ROSE-- The Love Stone. Aids creative thinking, stimulates creative ability. Eases sexual and emotional unbalances. Reduces stress, enhances forgiveness and relaxation. 
♦  QUARTZ, SMOKY-- Increases fertility, eases heart disease and neurological disorders. Aids depression, good for meditation.
♦  TIGER EYE-- Assists thought, mental faculties and literacy. Balances emotions and eases stubborness.
♦  TOURMALINE-- Builds self confidence and concentration. Good for nervousness and sadness. Vitalises and gives inspiration.


The life field of a human is the strongest of all life fields. When another person touches your crystal, he leaves his own energy imprinted on the life field of the crystal. To avoid this the crystal should be cleansed to remove the imprinted energy. This can be done by covering the crystal with sea salt for 2 to 7 days. Or, if you prefer, you may submerge your crystal in a salt water solution of one half pound of sea salt to one gallon of water for the same period of time.
Another way to cleanse your crystal is too wash it thoroughly in water and leave out in the moonlight for one night. Sunlight can have the same effect.


Hold your crystal in the palm of your left hand. In a short while the crystal will begin to pulse or vibrate in attunement with you. This will feel like a tingling sensation in your hand. Some may have to wait longer for this to happen. As soon as you feel this sensation you can begin to use it.


Make sure you are thoroughly relaxed and in a comfortable environment. Hold your crystal in your Left hand. Place your right hand over the pain area. If the pain is on the right side, place the left hand with the crystal on the area, then grasp the left arm with the right hand. Hold these positions for half an hour if possible.
The crystal amplifies energy. Energy flows in the left hand and out the right hand. If you place your right hand over the pain area, youwill decrease the pain by sending energy into that area.
You can also use your crystal during meditation, simply by holding it in your left hand and placing your right hand over your left. You will feel the energy being circulated through your body and this can bring an incredible feeling of euphoria and peace.

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