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Some of these images are new. Most of the older ones have been nuked due to misuse. A linkback somewhere on your site is much appreciated... Thanks

You may also realise that they look pretty shitty on a light background. I'm working on making a set for light backgrounds. Stay tuned!

Fire Tree/Earth Sun
Water Energy

Crystal Ball Mortar and Pestle Chalice Candles

Athame Book Athame2

Complete Altar

Chalice Gold Dark Blue Light Blue Black Brown Yellow Dark Green Light Green Orange Pink Purple Red Silver Gold White Chalice Silver

Incense Cone Incense Stick Runes

Animated Pent Animated Pent Animated Pent
Animated Pent Animated Pent Animated Pent Animated Pent

Book of Shadows Book of Shadows
Crystal Ball

Earth Air Fire Water

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