Feeling stressed
Try a few of these Little Exercises for Total Calm...

♦  Stop for a minute and just listen to your breathing, count each breath, feel each breath, and soon you should begin to feel calm...
♦  Buy a Bowl of Fruit. Look at it or eat it, it is just as healthy either way because the time you are spending looking at it is the time you are not spending stressing out.
♦  Start everything 10 minutes early, that way you will never be stressed out for being late.
♦  Sip on a refreshing Herbal Tea, Peppermint is good. Forget caffiene.
♦  Wear comfortable shoes.
♦  Brush some-one's hair or better still, have them brush your hair. Very relaxing.
♦  Buy a plant. Green up your house. Smell the Roses.
♦  Every now and then, do something differently. Go home from work a different way or do things in a different order.
♦  Float. In a swimming pool, a float tank or even in the bath-tub. Floating is very relaxing.
♦  Keep a diary and record your thoughts. Read them later for fun and reflection.
♦  Eat healthy food. Foods with Vitamin B are excellent for calm. Beans, Nuts, Seeds and Wholegrains are an excellent source of Vitamin B.
♦  Even better, grow your own Vegies. They are not only great to eat but the fresh air and sunshine will do you the world of good.
♦  Lavender, it helps you to relax and also helps those aches and pains. Rosemary oil is also very calming.
♦  Picture yourself lying on a deserted beach, smell the salt air, feel the breeze and the warm sun on your face.......
♦  Look at something blue or pink. These colours have the ability to instill peace to a troubled mind.
♦  Add 3 drops of Patchouli or Cammomile oil to your pillow every few nights for a peaceful sleep
♦  Have a good cry, it is both physically and emotionally soothing.
♦  Look at a Sunset, or picture one in your head.
♦  Get out of bed early and watch the sun rise.
♦  Sit on the beach and listen to the waves crashing in
♦  Picture a happy place that gives you fond memories.
♦  Sponsor a child so that they can live a better life
♦  Volunteer for a charity or a good cause
♦  Resolve an issue that has been giving you stress.
♦  Fall in love!

I hope some of these tips brought a little calm into your life, just by sitting here and reading this page you are probably calmer than when you arrived..

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