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Artist Obsession
When every picture becomes a scene...

I walked out to the mailbox the other day and saw a perfect sunset. One of my first thoughts was, "I wonder if I could make that in Bryce"

Out clothes shopping with my daughter last week, I came across a beautiful ensemble, top and pants, and thought about making it for Vicki! Furniture shopping takes on a whole new meaning when all you can think of is starting up Rhino and creating the perfect dining setting, with matching lampshades and accessories of course. Even the local supermarket isn't safe, tins of baked beans, apples and oranges, the possibilites are endless..

I often wonder if it's just me, or does every person who owns a 3d/graphics program have these same thoughts? Do we all look at tacky, overpriced art and know that we could do better with a few clicks? Do we all watch animated films like Shrek and Final Fantasy with a newfound awe, knowing that maybe one day we could do something like that, or hoping! Does every picture become a potential Poser backdrop?

We search and search the neverending supply of tutorials, in the hope of creating something a little different, or finding out just "how they do that". We experiment with textures, bumps and reflections until we get it just right, all the while neglecting anything outside the range of the computer screen. Cobwebs are beginning to form at our feet, the dishes are piled high because we can't bring ourselves away from the computer long enough to wash them, the kids can't see the TV through the 3 inches of dust and it's a wonder they even recognise us anymore!

But we are releasing our creative energies, making pretty pictures, recreating scenes that we see every day and many that we only see in our dreams. We are making people smile, decorating their desktops and bringing their fantasies to life, and we are introducing others to the wonderful world of rendering through our websites..

The dishes can wait, this is much more fun!

Reposted from my Renderosity page. Originally posted April 21 2002

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