• Little Misses. All themed with a different Mis word.
    The Misses
    ( pictures)
  • My neighbourhood. Pictures I've taken on my travels and around my house
    ( pictures)
  • My attempt at Neil Gaimans The Endless
    The Endless
    ( pictures)
  • These girls aren't quite as innocent as they look!
    ( pictures)
  • Stuff I\'ve played with to make it look completely different to the original. Mostly as part of a challenge at Worth1000 and/or Stumbleupon. Dumb stuff I do when I get bored!
    Photo Manip
    ( pictures)
  • Pentagrams, Chakras and some Stone Circles. I\\\'ll add more as I find them again.
    ( pictures)
  • Sometimes I think dark thoughts. Sometimes I turn them into art.
    ( pictures)
  • Just some stuff that I\'ve done. Some of it is a bit weird, and some is really stupid!
    ( pictures)
  • Images created with Photoshop, Bryce, Apophysis, and all with a mystical flare. Some are Mandala like, some are way out and freaky, some are fractals.
    ( pictures)
  • Landscapes and 3D effects. Mostly done in Bryce and/or Photoshop
    ( pictures)
  • Little winged things. Elven girls and Forest Nymphs. Pointy ears and angel faces..
    Wee Fae Folk
    ( pictures)
  • Portraits and Pinups, all created in Poser and Photoshop. Some are happy, some are sad, some are scary!
    ( pictures)
Images © 1997+. May be used with credit and a linkback.
Some images are available in larger view at my Deviantart and RedBubble Galleries and can also be purchased as Wearable Art and Goodies